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When and how to watch the 2022 NBA Draft

Details and notes ahead of the NBA Draft on Thursday evening

North Carolina v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

A new batch of NBA youngsters will take the first step towards living their dream tomorrow night, so let’s get caught up on how to watch.

What: 2022 NBA Draft

Where to watch: ESPN

When: 7pm CST

The rub on this draft is that there isn’t a “can’t miss” prospect in this class, and that could turn out to be true, but we often see at least a handful of star or pseudo-star players in every draft class. The teams with good scouting departments will find value where they can, regardless of the perceived strength of the class.

I actually think it’s a pretty solid class at the top, but I’m a bit confused about the seemingly consensus opinion that Jabari Smith is the number one player in the draft. He’s an elite shooter, and by virtue a very good scorer, but I don’t see the dynamism aside from his shooting that I would personally want from the top overall pick. To me, Paolo Banchero is the best player in this class, with his combination of size, playmaking, and well-rounded scoring arsenal.

It feels to me a bit like people are overthinking that one, and sort of using the fact that Paolo is so polished already as a perceived slight to his upside. I’m not admittedly not a draft guy, but I don’t really get it. Banchero has picked up a little steam to go number one in the betting markets of late, and is currently (as of Tuesday night) sitting at +255 at DraftKings. He’s actually leaped Chet Holmgren there, with Chet sitting at +350. Smith is still the favorite at -250.

Thanks for following along with all of our draft coverage at Canis. We can’t wait to find out who will be joining the squad this year just like all of you.

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