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2022 Canis Hoopus NBA Draft Big Board - Top 60 Prospects

Tyler Metcalf, Aidan Berg and Jack Borman get you ready for tomorrow night’s NBA Draft with their Top 60 prospects.

Memphis v Gonzaga Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2022 NBA Draft is less than 48 hours away and the Minnesota Timberwolves are finally out of the lottery once again.

Minnesota holds its own first-round pick (No. 19) and three second-round picks — all acquired in trades — at No. 40 (from WAS via CLE), No. 48 (from DEN via PHI) and No. 50 (from DEN via PHI).

Surely President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly and Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations Matt Lloyd — who is heading the Wolves’ scouting efforts — will not select four players in this year’s class, but this draft figures to produce some fireworks for fans to enjoy.

It makes complete sense for the Wolves’ front office to consolidate their three seconds into either two higher in the second round or flip some or all of them into a rotation player. But, with a supermax extension for Karl-Anthony Towns, a rookie maximum extension for Anthony Edwards and a healthy extension for Jaden McDaniels expected to hit the Wolves’ books in the next few years, Minnesota will need a rookie contracts on the books to help ease the financial restraints on the front office from a team-building perspective.

Our Tyler Metcalf, Aidan Berg and Jack Borman have been watching film, perusing stats and evaluating prospects for weeks ahead of the draft and are ready to unveil our 2022 Big Board.

The board includes our top 60 prospects, complete with short descriptions and highlights of each player. It is an overall board — not one geared specifically through a Wolves lens. Just because Player A is higher than Player B is on our board does not mean we would take Player A over Player B.

To view each writer’s individual big board, please click on their name below.

Tyler Metcalf | Aidan Berg | Jack Borman

Without further ado, let’s get to the big board.

Georgia State v Gonzaga Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

1) Chet Holmgren | C | FR, Gonzaga

7-0, 195 pounds | 20.1 years old

Rank average: 2.0 | Tyler: 1 | Aidan: 1 | Jack: 4

Chet Holmgren is one of the best rim protectors to come out of college in a long time. He has incredible awareness, moves well, and relies on his length instead of his strength. Holmgren knows exactly who he is as a player and plays to those strengths. Offensively, Holmgren has only scratched the surface of who he could be as a player, which is terrifying given that he already has a reliable jumper, is fluid off the bounce, and moves the ball with ease.

- Tyler Metcalf

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Miami v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

2) Jabari Smith | PF | FR, Auburn

6-10, 220 pounds | 19.1 years old

Rank average: 2.0 | Tyler: 2 | Aidan: 3 | Jack: 1

Smith projects to be an excellent shooter both on the catch and off the dribble at the NBA level, which is rare for a fluid, explosive athlete in a 6-10, 220 frame. He possesses the length, mobility and timing to wreak havoc on the back end of the defense, too. He has to develop a better handle, but if he’s able to do that and get to his spots consistently, he could very well be an perennial 25+ PPG scorer.

- Jack Borman

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North Carolina v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

3) Paolo Banchero | PF | FR, Duke

6-10, 250 pounds | 19.6 years old

Rank average: 2.3 | Tyler: 3 | Aidan: 2 | Jack: 2

Banchero has the most polished offensive game among the big men at the top of this draft. He displayed his strong 2-point scoring, savvy ball handling and underrated passing vision while leading Duke to the Final Four as a freshman, showcasing why he has the clearest projection as a go-to offensive star of anyone in the class. With a broad, strong frame and a projectable jumper, Banchero can become a force in the NBA. The questions he must answer are on defense, where his foot speed and spotty focus can create issues.

-Aidan Berg

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Texas v Purdue Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

4) Jaden Ivey | CG | SO, Purdue

6-4, 200 pounds | 20.3 years old

Rank average: 4.0 | Tyler: 5 | Aidan: 4 | Jack: 3

Ivey is the most electric athlete in his class, and he knows it — after all, he described his first step as “Baja Blast.” That nuclear physical ability defines his game on both sides of the floor; no one in college basketball could stop him from getting to the rim or finishing well above it, and his recovery traits made for eye-popping defensive highlights. The next steps for him are to take his improved craft and shooting touch to the midrange and turn his dynamic athleticism into consistent defensive effort and production.


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Florida v Kentucky Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

5) Shaedon Sharpe | SG | FR, Kentucky

6-4, 200 pounds | 19.0 years old

Rank average: 7.7 | Tyler: 8 | Aidan: 6 | Jack: 9

Sharpe has rightfully earned the designation as this draft’s greatest mystery after reclassifying into the 2021 high school class and sitting out the whole year at Kentucky. What isn’t a secret is Sharpe’s incredible bounce, and combining that with his long frame and scoring instincts made him the top player in his class before reclassifying. The problem is simply uncertainty; we don’t know how he would look against top-flight college competition, let alone jumping directly to the NBA.


Duke v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

6) AJ Griffin | SF | FR, Duke

6-6, 222 pounds | 18.8 years old

Rank average: 8.3 | Tyler: 7 | Aidan: 11 | Jack: 7

Griffin sure looks the part of NBA wing. At 6-6, 222 with a 7-0 wingspan, the Duke stand-out should have no issues adjusting to the physicality and speed in the NBA on either end of the floor. He is an elite catch-and-shooter from 3 (48%) who can parlay nice combo moves into movement 3s, attack close-outs well, and make good decisions with the ball in his hands. He’s a plug-and-play, low-usage-high-impact player that will fit nicely with any team given his two-way skillset.

- Borman

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 28 Northwestern at Iowa

7) Keegan Murray | PF | SO, Iowa

6-8, 215 pounds | 21.8 years old

Rank average: 8.7 | Tyler: 6 | Aidan: 5 | Jack: 15

Keegan Murray is a boring player, and I mean that as a huge compliment. Very little of what Murray does will make you fall from your chair, but in the end, without fail, his stat line will be incredibly impressive and contribute to winning basketball. Murray’s style of play is death by a thousand cuts. He’ll score in the post, from outside, or off the bounce in the mid-range. He moves well defensively and rebounds with the best of them. Murray may not have superstar upside, but he will produce at a high level every night whether you notice it or not.


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TCU v Arizona Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

8) Bennedict Mathurin | SG | SO, Arizona

6-7, 195 pounds | 19.9 years old

Rank average: 8.7 | Tyler: 14 | Aidan: 7 | Jack: 5

There’s no doubt that Mathurin is my favorite player in this class. Few players blend such a polished skillset with a fiery, competitive demeanor to create a beautiful display of fireworks quite like Mathurin does. He’s an explosive finisher with a confident shooting stroke, and an array of complementary moves and savvy on the drive to match. The Pac-12 Player of the Year can get caught on screens on defense and needs some work on that end, but there is way too much enticing offensive talent to pass up for 6-7 2-guard.

- Borman

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Colgate v Wisconsin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

9) Johnny Davis | SG | SO, Wisconsin

6-5, 196 pounds | 20.3 years old

Rank average: 10.0 | Tyler: 4 | Aidan: 13 | Jack: 13

Johnny Davis accepted almost an unhealthy amount of responsibility this season. His efficiency took a turn after the injury, but Davis’s two-way versatility was the main factor in the Badgers winning the Big Ten regular season title. Davis is one of the best perimeter defenders in this class with his constant effort, great instincts, and impactful defensive playmaking. As a scorer, Davis proved he was dynamic in the mid-range, creative at the rim finishing with both hands, and effective with his off-ball movement. In a league where everyone improves as a shooter, Davis has everything you want out of a 2-guard.

- Metcalf

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Virginia Tech v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

10) Mark Williams | C | SO, Duke

7-2, 243 pounds | 20.5 years old

Rank average: 11.0 | Tyler: 13 | Aidan: 12 | Jack: 8

After seeing what Robert Williams III did for the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, I’m sure NBA executives took another look at Duke’s Mark Williams. The ACC Defensive Player of the Year is a terrific athlete who combines great hands, instincts and timing to impact the game as a first-rate shot blocker and rim runner with a tremendous catch radius. He’s the best offensive rebounder in the class who can make every trip down the floor tough for opposing defenses with his strong rim gravity in the dunker spot and the way he penalizes defenses on the glass for sending multiple defenders to contest a shot.

- Borman

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NBL Rd 19 - New Zealand v SEM Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

11) Ousmane Dieng | SF | France

6-10, 200 pounds | 19.1 years old

Rank average: 11.7 | Tyler: 15 | Aidan: 14 | Jack: 6

Man, Tyler and Aidan left me on an island here, but I’ll cook. Dieng is perhaps the most raw prospect on our board to date, but it is easy to see why he’s skyrocketing up big boards around the league. He’s an exceptionally fluid athlete who uses his 7-foot wingspan to create flashes of game-breaking defensive playmaking both on the back end and clogging passing lanes of players on the drive. Offensively, he’s a work in progress but has an above average handle for his size, displays good combo moves into 3-pointers, has good touch on passes and shots inside, and is a nightmare in transition. He may take a couple of years to put everything together, but if he’s able to, he has top five player in the class potential.

- Borman

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Portland - Gonzaga vs Memphis Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

12) Jalen Duren | C | FR, Memphis

6-11, 250 pounds | 18.6 years old

Rank average: 12.7 | Tyler: 10 | Aidan: 10 | Jack: 18

Duren is another hyper-athletic rim-running 5 who can catch any ball thrown in the direction of the rim and throw it down with either hand. The former five-star recruit has a great second jump that enables him to generate and finish off second possessions, as well as block consecutive shots. He needs to improve on his screen contact, but that shouldn’t be an issue given his 6-11, 250-pound frame with a 7-5 wingspan to go along with it and the emphasis put on screening angles in NBA development programs for bigs. Duren will provide strong interior defense and shot-blocking from day one, too.

- Borman

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Loyola-Chicago v Ohio State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

13) Malaki Branham | SG | FR, Ohio State

6-5, 180 pounds | 19.1 years old

Rank average: 12.7 | Tyler: 12 | Aidan: 15 | Jack: 11

Rock solid off-ball players who are elite shooters in catch-and-shoot situations and running off screens, and can attack close-outs and create for others will always be held in high regard at NBA level. Branham shot 44% in C&S, finished 66% of his 107 shots at the rim, and made 47.6% of his short mid-range jumpers and floaters over contesting bigs. He also has a 6-10 wingspan, but needs to lock in off-ball more to better impact the game defensively. Branham may not be a secondary creator in his rookie year, but projects to be a guy who can create shots for himself and others with a more polished array of dribble moves and added strength.

- Borman

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Walnut Creak Ignite vs Santa Cruz Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

14) Dyson Daniels | CG | G-League Ignite

6-6, 195 pounds | 19.2 years old

Rank average: 13.3 | Tyler: 9 | Aidan: 8 | Jack: 23

Daniels has come on strong late in the draft cycle, impressing teams with his clever passing and defensive versatility while measuring taller than expected. Daniels took on the role of gap-filler with the G League Ignite by unselfishly doing the little things — setting up his teammates, cutting, offensive rebounding, guarding the opponent’s best perimeter player. If he’s going to become more than a connector piece in the NBA, though, he needs to tighten his handle and turn the touch he displays on his floater into accurate outside shooting.


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North Carolina v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

15) Jeremy Sochan | PF | FR, Baylor

6-9, 230 pounds | 19.1 years old

Rank average: 14.7 | Tyler: 11 | Aidan: 9 | Jack: 24

Jeremy Sochan is one of the most fascinating players in this draft. Defensively, there is very little to gripe over given his versatility. He is a defensive playmaker with elite versatility. He can switch on nearly every position and has exquisite awareness. The concern is Sochan’s lack of a jumper. He’s at least a willing shooter, but all the indicators and production so far are worrisome. If he ever develops one, though, it will be a beautiful pairing with his already impressive cutting, passing, and rebounding.


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Saint Mary’s v Santa Clara Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

16) Jalen Williams | SG | JR, Santa Clara

6-6, 190 pounds | 21.2 years old

Rank average: 15.3 | Tyler: 20 | Aidan: 16 | Jack: 10

One of the fastest-rising prospects in this year’s class, Williams has an NBA-ready body at 6-6, 190 pounds with 7-2 wingspan. The Santa Clara stand-out has picturesque shooting mechanics and is fantastic shooting on the move or at a standstill. He shot 40% from 3 on high volume, has a very good handle for his size, and uses it to beat defenders on the drive before pressuring the rim or setting the table for his teammates. His screen navigation needs to improve, but he will be a plus off-ball defender right away that can defend 3s and smaller 4s.

- Borman

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TCU v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

17) Ochai Agbaji | SF | SR, Kansas

6-5, 210 pounds | 22.2 years old

Rank average: 18.0 | Tyler: 16 | Aidan: 22 | Jack: 16

Ochai Agbaji has one of the best developmental stories in recent years. He’s evolved from an energetic defender to a top-tier off-ball shooter. Besides the off-ball shooting, Agbaji is also an elite cutter, can attack closeouts, and has shown improvement as an on-ball creator/facilitator. Agbaji is also ready to defend at a high-level. He has the athleticism to be a quality on-ball defender and the awareness to thrive off-ball. Yes, he’s a bit older, but given how much he’s improved in recent seasons, who’s to say there isn’t more left to come? Agbaji is already the player we hope most of these young 3-and-D wings turn into.


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Alabama v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

18) Tari Eason | PF | SO, LSU

6-8, 215 pounds | 21.1 years old

Rank average: 18.7 | Tyler: 22 | Aidan: 20 | Jack: 14

Few players can create so much positive chaos quite like Eason can. He’s a freak athlete who registered a historic combination of defensive disruption, especially when playing off the ball.

As Tyler notes in a reply to the tweet above, Eason thrived in LSU’s aggressive defensive scheme. He’ll be able play a similar raise-hell-however-possible role right away in the league because he’s quick laterally, can jump out of the gym, and uses his (7-2) length better than almost any non-Chet prospect in the class. He is a willing shooter, but his form needs work, and he will have to add some more muscle if he doesn’t want bigger, more physical wings to bump him off his spot on the drive.

- Borman

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2022 NBA All-Star - G League Ignite v Cleveland Charge Photo by Emilee Chinn/NBAE via Getty Images

19) Jaden Hardy | CG | G-League Ignite

6-4, 190 pounds | 19.9 years old

Rank average: 19.0 | Tyler: 19 | Aidan: 17 | Jack: 21

This is a guy who just knows how to put the ball in the basket. Hardy took on the responsibility of being Ignite’s go-to guy and was tasked with leading a young team against professionals straight out of high school. The difficulty of that task indicates that he is a better shooter and playmaker than the efficiency numbers would have you believe, but his carelessness on defense and lack of explosion are problematic. Hardy is a good upside play as a top-five player in his high school class, but a deep bag will only get you so far.


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NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 20 Div I Men’s Championship - Second Round - Ohio State v Villanova Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

20) EJ Liddell | PF | JR, Ohio State

6-7, 240 pounds | 21.5 years old

Rank average: 19.7 | Tyler: 21 | Aidan: 19 | Jack: 19

Liddell is a case study in improving your stock as an upperclassman. NBA teams tasked him with improving his jumper and ability to defend in space during the last draft cycle, and he did just that. Adding those skills to his off-ball defense — he’s a shockingly effective shot-blocker for his height — and complementary passing make him a good bet as a quality role player. He must elevate his ball handling and decision-making, but Liddell is as ready to step into the NBA as any player on this board.


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Vanderbilt v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

21) TyTy Washington Jr | CG | FR, Kentucky

6-3, 200 pounds | 20.6 years old

Rank average: 20.3 | Tyler: 26 | Aidan: 18 | Jack: 17

Washington is a player we’ve frequently seen mocked to the Wolves, and it makes sense. He’s a 6-3 combo guard with a plus wingspan at 6-8 who is comfortable operating on or off ball. He can score effectively at all three levels, especially in the mid-range, where he scores well out of PnR (50% in short mid-range, 39% in long mid-range) and can hurt dropping bigs with a great floater he shot at 46% on good volume in his lone season at Kentucky. He is arguably the best playmaking guard in the draft because of the feel and touch he displays, great assist-to-turnover ratio (2.4, top five in the class) and how he attacks off the catch to set others up. That will really shine in a more spaced out NBA setting. Washington isn’t an explosive athlete, but could uses his length and knowledge of angles well to make up for it on both ends.

- Borman

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Fortitudo Bologna v A|X Armani Exchange Milano - Serie A Photo by Michele Nucci/LiveMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

22) Gabriele Procida | SG | Italy

6-6, 190 pounds | 20.0 years old

Rank average: 22.3 | Tyler: 18 | Aidan: 27 | Jack: 22

Procida is one of the most polarizing prospects who is on some boards in the teens and others in the mid-late second round. He was extremely efficient (67% TS) in the half-court because he took great shots in the flow of the offense and made mostly good decisions with the ball. He has good shooting form, plays well off the catch, moves very well to flow into open space for C&S opportunities when his teammates drive, and he comes off screens well both to shoot and to drive to the basket. He is a shooter first, but attacks close-outs well, has good footwork, and takes long strides that make up for his lack of burst. He needs to play more off of two feet in the lane, but gets by as is. He will have to make all of his movements, including his shot, more consistent in a sped-up NBA, where he will have to make decisions, shoot, and throw passes more quickly than he did in Italy.

- Borman

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California v Arizona Photo by Rebecca Noble/Getty Images

23) Dalen Terry | CG | SO, Arizona

6-7, 195 pounds | 19.9 years old

Rank average: 23.0 | Tyler: 25 | Aidan: 25 | Jack: 19

If Mathurin and Terry didn’t share a back-court at Arizona, I’d still be extremely high on both of them. But I fell in love with the Wildcats because of their high-octane back-court and they are my two favorite players in this draft. He isn’t the smoothest shooter, but Terry plays with exceptional pace that puts defenses on its heels even in the half-court, where he fueled Tommy Lloyd’s explosive offense better than any other initiator on the team despite getting less on-ball reps than Kerr Kriisa. The combination of passing velocity and touch he displays is incredible for someone his size (as is his 2.8 A/TO ratio), which will enable him to beat defenses with every passing angle in the book. When he doesn’t have the ball, he sets up cuts well before shooting out of a rocket to receive the ball and make moves at full speed. His finishing is still evolving as he learns how to use his length better offensively. Defensively, his shines. He flashes high-level agility and length to blow up PnRs, rotate off-ball to contest at the rim, and jump passing lanes for steals that ignite fast breaks.

- Borman

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U18 Valencia Basket v U18 Mega SoccerBet Belgrade - Euroleague Basketball 2020-2021 Adidas Next Generation Tournament Photo by Rodolfo Molina/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

24) Nikola Jović | SF | Serbia

6-11, 225 pounds | 19.0 years old

Rank average: 24.7 | Tyler: 39 | Aidan: 23 | Jack: 12

Jović is an enticing offensive prospect 6-11 with terrific perimeter skills. He grew up as a guard, which he puts on full display with a handle advanced for his size, great shooting stroke with range well beyond the 3-point line (36% on good volume, but will grow with better shot selection), and the secondary creation that can add versatility to any team he’d join. He can make plays defensively on the back line, but needs to improve his lateral agility to reach his full potential. He’s the guy I’m highest on relative to consensus, as all of his offensive skills should be immediately translatable in the pace-and-space NBA.

- Borman

Click here for highlights | Read a more in-depth breakdown here.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 09 Big Ten Tournament - Nebraska v Northwestern Photo by Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

25) Bryce McGowens | SG | SO, Nebraska

6-7, 180 pounds | 19.6 years old

Rank average: 27.3 | Tyler: 28 | Aidan: 24 | Jack: 30

McGowens’ flashes of self-creation are tantalizing. His handle and length allow him to finish at the basket and draw fouls with ease when he’s on-point, and his touch on floaters and from the free throw line are encouraging for the development of his jumper. The problems are more plentiful, though; he’s thin, he doesn’t shoot well from outside yet, he’s an apathetic defender and he’s a borderline ball-hog. If he reigns in his worst habits, though, he can be a real scoring threat at the next level.


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Michigan State v Duke Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

26) Max Christie | SG | FR, Michigan State

6-6, 190 pounds | 19.3 years old

Rank average: 28 | Tyler: 17 | Aidan: 36 | Jack: 31

Max Christie’s draft position is going to surprise a lot of people. The Spartan freshman didn’t have an ideal freshman season, but the effort never stopped, and he never lost the faith of his coaches or teammates. Christie projects to be an excellent off-ball shooter once he gets stronger. Christie also displayed impressive defense with his footwork and willingness to play physical. He’ll be a bit of a project, but once he gets stronger and slows the game down mentally, Christie could be one of the better two-way wings from this class.


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North Carolina v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

27) Christian Braun | SG | JR, Kanas

6-6, 205 pounds | 21.2 years old

Rank average: 28.7 | Tyler: 24 | Aidan: 33 | Jack: 29

A National Champion with Kansas this past season, Braun put his complementary NBA skillset on full display on the college game’s biggest stage. He is a terrific athlete on both ends of the floor, shot 39% from 3 on 3.3 attempts per game, and rebounds exceptionally well for a 2-guard. He will fit in as a secondary off-ball creator who can play off the catch beside a true point guard, and dig in and fight at the point of attack on the defensive end. Given his late first-round grade, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up playing an important role for a playoff team next season.

- Borman

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Final Four - Practice Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

28) Trevor Keels | PG | FR, Duke

6-4, 220 pounds | 18.8 years old

Rank average: 31.0 | Tyler: 30 | Aidan: 38 | Jack: 25

Few players have as NBA-ready of a body as Keels. He’s a physically imposing downhill point guard that defenses struggled to contain because of his strength, agility in the lane, and playmaking, especially out of PnR, where he generated 1.01 PPP as a handler. He’s equally good in PnR on the defensive end, and did quite well defending against drivers and isolations, too, allowing just 0.62 PPP. He will need to improve upon his 31% 3-point shooting if he wants to become a long-term starting point guard.

- Borman

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Jacksonville State v Auburn Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

29) Walker Kessler | C | SO, Auburn

7-1, 245 pounds | 20.9 years old

Rank average: 31.7 | Tyler: 36 | Aidan: 26 | Jack: 33

Historic rim protection in college is the appeal with Kessler. His 19.05 block percentage is easily the best among all Division I players since Sports Reference started tracking the stat in 2009-10, and he did so in a Power Five conference. Great college players were completely dissuaded from attacking the basket just by Kessler’s presence. It’s fair to wonder, however, what his offensive role will be in the NBA and how he will fare defending the perimeter.


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2022 NBA All-Star - G League Ignite v Cleveland Charge Photo by Emilee Chinn/NBAE via Getty Images

30) MarJon Beauchamp | SG | G-League Ignite

6-7, 175 pounds | 21.8 years old

Rank average: 31.7 | Tyler: 40 | Aidan: 28 | Jack: 27

Beauchamp is another late riser who was playing JUCO basketball at Yakima Valley CC a little more than a year ago. He suited up for G-League Ignite this season, where his off-ball cutting and defensive potential shined. His 7-1 wingspan pops on tape and he will be able to blow up PnRs, hand-offs, and entire defensive possessions from day 1. His shot is better than the 24.2% 3-point mark; his mechanics are fluid and he shot 40% on 103 3s at the JUCO level. If his shot ever comes around, he’ll compete to be one of the 10-15 best players in the class.

- Borman

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31) Jake LaRavia | SF | JR, Wake Forest

6-9, 228 pounds | 20.6 years old

Rank average: 32.0 | Tyler: 35 | Aidan: 29 | Jack: 32

Another late-riser in this cycle, LaRavia has caught teams’ eyes with his all-around offensive skill level. Although he lacks pop off the bounce, LaRavia elevates those around him with spot-up shooting, ball-moving and timely cutting. He positions himself well and gives consistent effort on defense, but his athletic limitations may keep an indefinite target on his back at that end. He won’t be a world-beater, but it’s a good bet LaRavia will make a team better.


32) Christian Koloko | C | SO, Arizona

7-1, 225 pounds | 21.9 years old

Rank average: 32.3 | Tyler: 27 | Aidan: 34 | Jack: 36

Christian Koloko was one of the most impactful defensive centers in the country this year. Opponents shot 49% at the rim when Koloko was on the floor, and this number skyrocketed 59% when he was off. Koloko moves his feet well, uses his length, and is incredibly disciplined on rotations and shot fakes. Offensively, Koloko has yet to prove he’s anything more than a rim runner. He has good hands and gets early seals in transition, but that’s about it. I know he had an impressive shooting performance at the combine, but I’m not holding my breath on that being a bankable skill for someone with five career three-point attempts.


33) Kendall Brown | SF | FR, Baylor

6-8, 205 pounds | 19.1 years old

Rank average: 32.7 | Tyler: 32 | Aidan: 31 | Jack: 35

Brown is a bit of an enigma. He’s clearly a freak athlete, and he rose up draft boards early in the year by putting his physical abilities to use in locking down opposing playmakers, finishing everything at the rim and flashing some intriguing passing chops. But he regressed instead of building on that momentum, disappearing from games to the point that Baylor couldn’t play him in postseason tournaments. Perhaps a consistent jumper will unlock his all-around impact.


34) Blake Wesley | SG | FR, Notre Dame

6-5, 185 pounds | 19.2 years old

Rank average: 33.0 | Tyler: 41 | Aidan: 21 | Jack: 37

Trying to contain Wesley can be like cupping water in your hand. He slithers and changes directions so easily with the ball, and he already knows how to separate for jump shots. That, combined with his length and energy on defense, makes him an attractive option for teams seeking out a secondary scorer. The fear surrounds his discouraging shot translation; he shot poorly from both the free throw and 3-point lines and has awful mechanics, which is the main culprit for his inefficiency.


35) Ismael Kamagate | C | France

6-11, 220 pounds | 21.5 years old

Rank average: 33.0 | Tyler: 34 | Aidan: 32 | Jack: NR

Kamagate is an older prospect but has many of the qualities teams are looking for in big men nowadays. With long arms and real fluidity, Kamagate should be a strong shot-blocker on defense and vertical spacer on offense. He tries to dunk everything and tear the rim down, and he can go get the ball on lobs. He is an older prospect and lacks the craft one would want for a player his age, but an NBA development program could make the flashes of high-level passing reads a consistent strength.


36) Kennedy Chandler | PG | Tennessee

6-0, 172 pounds | 19.7 years old

Rank average: 35.3 | Tyler: 33 | Aidan: 30 | Jack: 43

Kennedy Chandler does a lot to overcome his lack of size. He is one of the quickest players on the court and plays with a lot of toughness. Chandler projects to be a quality point-of-attack defender with his quickness, screen navigation, and elite hands. He’ll be a one position defender, but his offensive game is intriguing. Chandler was an inconsistent shooter but displayed impressive at-rim finishing craft. His complete lack of a floater and mid-range game will hurt, but his improvements with cutting and off-ball shooting as the year progressed were encouraging.


37) Patrick Baldwin Jr | PF | FR, UW-Milwaukee

6-9, 220 pounds | 19.6 years old

Rank average: 35.3 | Tyler: 23 | Aidan: 41 | Jack: 42

Patrick Baldwin Jr. is the home run swing of all home run swings. After once being in consideration for the best player in the class, Baldwin tumbled down boards after a season from hell. Baldwin had some of the worst guard play in the country and battled nagging injuries before shutting his season down. He did show encouraging feel with his off-ball defense and ball movement, but that was about it. Given his situation, my only main takeaway is that he’s not a number one option. However, if the shot reaches the levels most thought it would, he could be a fascinating third scoring option.


38) Wendell Moore Jr | SG | JR, Duke

6-5, 215 pounds | 20.7 years old

Rank average: 35.3 | Tyler: 45 | Aidan: 35 | Jack: 26

Moore Jr earned Coach K’s trust as one ACC’s most versatile and dependable wings. He shot 41.3% from 3 (including 45% on C&S looks) this season, often defended elite offensive players, and was an excellent playmaker (4.4/1.9 AST/TO) for a secondary option beside Keels. He moves very well without the ball, can be run off screens as a shooter and downhill option, and was an elite PnR defender (0.58 PPP) at the college level. Moore Jr’s athleticism may fail him as a creator at the NBA level, but there is still plenty to like as an ancillary two-way role player.

- Borman

39) Ryan Rollins | SG | SO, Toledo

6-4, 180 pounds | 19.9 years old

Rank average: 38.0 | Tyler: 29 | Aidan: 46 | Jack: 39

Ryan Rollins has some tantalizing two-way upside. He struggled shooting from outside, but his mechanics were identical to his mid-range jumper that was incredibly effective. As he matures and gets stronger, the range should expand and be a nice compliment to his passing. Rollins also showed impressive on-ball defense. He was engaged, navigated screens well, and had a strong foundation with quality footwork. What will hold Rollins back is his lack of explosiveness and tendency to fall asleep off-ball.


40) Jabari Walker | PF | SO, Colorado

6-7, 215 pounds | 19.9 years old

Rank average: 38.5 | Tyler: 38 | Aidan: 39 | Jack: NR

Jabari Walker got off to a dreadful start shooting from outside but was lethal in the second half of the season. He won’t provide much of anything in terms of on-ball creation, but Walker projects to be a quality stretch-four who can rebound and has some defensive versatility. Walker is a bit stiff and heavy footed, but his instincts, rotations, and strength make him a promising defender.


41) Caleb Houstan | SF | FR, Michigan

6-8, 205 pounds | 19.4 years old

Rank average: 39.3 | Tyler: 42 | Aidan: 42 | Jack: 34

A consensus top 10 and five-star recruit out of Montverde Academy, Houstan was a disappointment in his lone year at Michigan. But at 6-8, 205 with a 7-1 wingspan, Houstan displayed enough down the stretch to keep NBA scouts intrigued. He shot 39% on C&S 3s, ran the floor well and made plays in transition, and attacked well off the catch to create for himself and others, but will have to improve his finishing (49% on 81 at-rim attempts) if he wants to expand that part of his game. He defended well at the point of attack, moves well laterally, and used his length nicely when playing off-ball. Houstan will need to improve his handle in order to break down defenders more easily and develop more shooting off the dribble and movement to better take advantage of his size and good shooting form.

- Borman

42) Peyton Watson | SG | FR, UCLA

6-8, 200 pounds | 19.8 years old

Rank average: 40.3 | Tyler: 31 | Aidan: 50 | Jack: 40

Peyton Watson couldn’t have been put in a worse situation as he rarely saw any opportunities to get live reps. When he did, though, Watson was impressive. He has immense upside as a defender who can guard on the perimeter and block shots at the rim. Watson is also a fluid athlete who can occasionally initiate transition offense. The shot needs a lot of work, and we unfortunately didn’t get to see him do much of anything on offense, but his pre-college film is full of impressive passing displays.


43) Moussa Diabate | PF | FR, Michigan

6-9, 217 pounds | 20.4 years old

Rank average: 42.3 | Tyler: 37 | Aidan: 62 | Jack: 28

Diabate is another consensus five-star recruit out of Florida who had an up-and-down season for Juwan Howard in Ann Arbor. He is one of the most versatile defenders in the class who can guard 1-4 and protect the rim on the back side as a rotational guy who can alter and block shots with his 7-3 wingspan. The Paris, France native shot 63% on 163 at-rim attempts and played very well as a roller in PnR (1.33 PPP), but will need to add a jumper and take better care of the ball if he wants to be a bigger threat offensively. He rebounded on both ends and protected the rim exceptionally well during Michigan’s surprising March Madness run.

- Borman

44) Josh Minott | PF | FR, Memphis

6-8, 205 pounds | 20.5 years old

Rank average: 43.0 | Tyler: 49 | Aidan: 37 | Jack: NR

The team that drafts Minott will be wagering on athleticism and energy. Minott is not ready to play in the NBA right now; he came off the bench for Memphis because has no idea how to make offensive plays or shoot against real competition. What he can do, though, is wreck offenses by overwhelming them with his length, fluidity and effort. Minott is a strong rebounder as well, and you can see he tries to play the right way. If the skills catch up, some lucky team will have a steal on its hands.


46) Andrew Nembhard | PG | SR, Gonzaga

6-5, 195 pounds | 22.4 years old

Rank average: 45.0 | Tyler: 46 | Aidan: 48 | Jack: 41

Andrew Nembhard just does a little bit of everything. He’s an ideal game manager who could be an excellent back-up point guard. Nembhard moves the ball, shoots from outside, and has the size to play competent defense. There isn’t a ton of upside other than that, but he has proven that he can succeed in a myriad of roles.


47) Dominick Barlow | SF | Overtime Elite

6-10, 220 pounds | 19.0 years old

Rank average: 47.0 | Tyler: 60 | Aidan: 43 | Jack: 38

Barlow is an athletic swingman with strong defensive playmaking potential and an aggressive offensive profile. He averaged north of two stocks per game in Overtime Elite play because of his above average lateral agility, 7-3 wingspan, and instinctive play. Barlow shined during the NBA Combine scrimmages, too, where he had a 19-point outing that showcased his enticing, albeit raw downhill, three-level scorer potential. He would benefit from time in the G-League to keep polishing his offensive game, but the physical tools are there for him to capitalize on if he can round out his game.

- Borman

48) Alondes Williams | PG | SR, Wake Forest

6-5, 200 pounds | 22.9 years old

Rank average: 48.7 | Tyler: 43 | Aidan: 59 | Jack: 44

Alondes Williams is one of the most creative playmakers in this draft, but he is also one of the most turnover prone passers. Williams is also an excellent athlete who is a great rebounder and pressures the rim whenever he wants. Williams will have to prove he can keep that same rim pressure against NBA defenders, because he is a non-shooter. Additionally, Williams mightily struggled on defense as he fell asleep off-ball and died on screens.


49) Julian Champagnie | SF | JR, St. John’s

6-8, 212 pounds | 20.9 years old

Rank average: 49.0 | Tyler: 54 | Aidan: 44 | Jack: NR

Champagnie is a bit of a “jack of all trades, master of none” prospect. He’s a solid rebounder and a statistically impactful defender, but he lacks the physical profile to dominate in any one area. His role as the go-to guy at St. John’s lowered his shooting percentages, so the hope here is that his efficiency improves in a specialized role while he continues to provide some off-the-dribble capability. Ultimately, he will either be viewed as a player with no holes or a player with no strengths.


50) Trevion Williams | C | SR, Purdue

6-10, 265 pounds | 21.7 years old

Rank average: 50.5 | Tyler: 48 | Aidan: 53 | Jack: NR

Trevion Williams is a thick center, and he may be the best passer in this class. Williams has tremendous vision and creativity with his playmaking, which could allow him to be instrumental in some fascinating NBA offenses. He also has tremendous footwork, which makes him a creative low-post scorer, and gives him a decent foundation as a defender. Unfortunately, the rest of Williams’s game is a big question mark. He isn’t a shooter, doesn’t have the athleticism to be a rim protector, and he may struggle switching on the perimeter.


51) Ron Harper Jr | SF | SR, Rutgers

6-6, 245 pounds | 22.2 years old

Rank average: 52.0 | Tyler: 64 | Aidan: 40 | Jack: NR

Harper is a competitiveness and improvement play for the team that drafts him. He’s already 22 years old, so there’s a limit to how much better he can get, but he has gotten better every year in college. His width and length make him one of the most versatile defenders in the draft, he has real guard skills that allow him to attack the basket and he was a near 40-percent 3-point shooter last season. He could be a crucial piece for a team that prioritizes malleability.


52) John Butler | C | FR, Florida State

7-1, 175 pounds | 19.5 years old

Rank average: 53.0 | Tyler: 52 | Aidan: 54 | Jack: NR

John Butler is one of the tallest players in this draft and also one of the skinniest. Despite being 7’1”, Butler is a shooting guard as his 174-pound frame is incapable of surviving in the post. Thankfully, Butler is a lights-out shooter and promising on-ball defender. He moves his feet well and can be highly disruptive at the point-of-attack. Butler doesn’t do much in terms of on-ball creation, and it is going to be crucial for him to safely add muscle before he’s ready to contribute at a meaningful level.


53) Dereon Seabron | SG | SO, NC State

6-6, 180 pounds | 22.1 years old

Rank average: 53.0 | Tyler: 55 | Aidan: 51 | Jack: NR

Seabron is one of the best athletes in this class, and it shines most when he puts pressure on the basket. With long arms and even longer strides, Seabron took about 80 percent of his field goal attempts at the rim this season and forced a ton of fouls. When he’s not getting downhill, though, he shows the warts in his game. He is a non-shooter, both off the catch and off the dribble, because of his slow and wonky mechanics, and he doesn’t make his teammates better.


54) Jordan Hall | PG | SO, Saint Joseph’s

6-7, 215 pounds | 20.4 years old

Rank average: 53.0 | Tyler: 59 | Aidan: 47 | Jack: NR

Jordan Hall has a promising blend of playmaking and shooting. His unorthodox size at point guard is an advantage, but he lacks any sort of burst. Hall plays at one-speed, and not in a good way. He struggles to create space and get to the rim. He does have impressive on-ball defensive footwork, but his lack of athleticism and physicality are significant hurdles.


55) Jean Montero | PG | Overtime Elite

6-3, 170 pounds | 18.9 years old

Rank average: 54.0 | Tyler: 53 | Aidan: 55 | Jack: NR

After a promising international campaign, Jean Montero was less than impressive in the Overtime Elite debut season. In theory, Montero is a dynamic scoring guard with impressive range and creative playmaking. In reality, though, Montero struggled finishing at the rim, taking care of the ball, shooting consistently, and making proper decisions against high schoolers. If he can regain his international form from previous years, Montero could be a massive steal, but that’s a big hill to climb.


56) Jaylin Williams | PF | SO, Arkansas

6-10, 245 pounds | 19.9 years old

Rank average: 54.5 | Tyler: 51 | Aidan: 58 | Jack: NR

Jaylin Williams has an impressive combination of basketball IQ and mobility. He hasn’t proven he can shoot yet, but Williams is an excellent screener who can score and pass out of the roll. Williams is also a quality rebounder and potentially switchable defender. Williams’s claim to fame in college was the disgusting amount of charges he drew. To some extent, this is an indicator of his awareness and ability to rotate, but it is also a symptom of his lack of rim protection.


57) JD Davison | PG | FR, Alabama

6-3, 195 pounds | 19.7 years old

Rank average: 55.5 | Tyler: 62 | Aidan: 49 | Jack: NR

Davison is one of many outgoing freshmen who entered college as an elite recruit but hit a major snag adjusting to the college game. Davison is a good athlete who can get to the rim and throw some nice passes, but his halfcourt game is unrefined and he gives the rock away far too much; his 34.3 percent turnover rate in the pick-and-roll was the second-highest of all Division I players with at least 100 logged PNR reps per Adam Spinella. Still, if he shoots it, Davison could become a spark plug backup guard.


58) David Roddy | SF | JR, Colorado State

6-5, 252 pounds | 21.2 years old

Rank average: 56.5 | Tyler: 61 | Aidan: 52 | Jack: NR

The first thing you notice with David Roddy is his frame, and rightfully so. He’s built like a boulder, and it is through that lens that we view his transition. Is he a P.J. Tucker type, a good enough athlete who uses his strength and guile to upset opponents’ rhythm, or is he either too slow or too short to guard anyone in the NBA? Combine that question with his shooting variance (he shot 43.8 percent from three as a junior but 23.5 percent in the previous two years), and it’s hard to predict how he’ll turn out.


59) Khalifa Diop | C | Senegal

6-11, 231 pounds | 20.4 years old

Rank average: 57.0 | Tyler: 57 | Aidan: 57 | Jack: NR

Khalifa Diop has solid tools for a backup center and was productive in a simplified role in the Spanish Liga ACB, the second-best league in the world. He has decent mobility and is an efficient rim-runner. It’s a pretty straightforward translation to ask him to play the same style, and he’s better equipped to continue his success than other international prospects because it’s not as big a jump in quality of play. Diop isn’t likely to add major skills to his game, but he is pretty raw, so you never know.


60) Hugo Besson | PG | France

6-5, 180 pounds | 21.2 years old

Rank average: 60.0 | Tyler: 50 | Aidan: 70 | Jack: NR

Hugo Besson is a dog. He is a tenacious defender who constantly fights through screens and will pick up opponents full court. Besson also showed he can be a knock down shooter off the catch. Besson’s position requires him to be more of an on-ball creator than he is, though. He struggled shooting off the dribble, getting to the rim, and being more than just a ball mover as a passer. Besson has the foundation of a decent guard on an NBA roster, but there are also a lot of players who do the same things.