Josh Minott Overreactions

The must needed excitement of Timberwolves basketball in the midst of a hectic off-season, is certainly refreshing. After the colossal changes made to the roster, specifically the addition of Rudy Gobert, all of us Wolves fans are waiting in desperation for this 2022-23 season to begin. When we find ourselves most in need of some form of Timberwolves basketball, the Las Vegas Summer League manages to provide for us. While we don't get to see everyone's favorite established superstars compete, we do have an opportunity to watch the new group of rookies embark upon their NBA journey, along with other young basketball players across the world. The large amounts of untapped potential competing in a tournament in the chaotic city of Las Vegas is thrilling. What I always find to be most enjoyable, is the opportunity to watch our new Timberwolves rookies. This year there has been one Wolves rookie that particularly stands out amongst the rest; Josh Minott.

The 6-foot-8 forward, at just 19 years old, put on a show his Summer League debut. He finished the game with an impressive 22 points and 10 rebounds, taking home the win against the Denver Nuggets. In that first game he also knocked down a pair of threes, despite only making two throughout his college career. While each year I attempt not to overreact to Summer League performances, it is a challenge when all I truly want is to overreact to Wolves basketball. Following this game I was largely convinced that I had just watched the introduction of a bigger Michael Jordan with an outside shot. Truthfully, I had a feeling that the jumpshot was more of a fluke due to the limited volume of shots, but I was in the mood to dream. While knowing that I was severely overreacting, what genuinely stood out to me the most was Minott's intensity. Throughout that entire game Minott was playing with aggression. He looked as if he was hunting to put someone on a poster or swat their shot into a different continent. He was flying all over the defensive end, and then dashing down the court in four dribbles. After that first phenomenal performance, his performances in the two most recent games weren't necessarily as impressive. Over the last two games, Minott has gone 5/20 from the field and picked up 13 fouls. While he has had struggles, I'm still choosing to view Minott's first three games positively. He's been a force on the defensive end, and is showcasing his rebounding prowess.

When Minott was drafted with the 45th pick, Connelly and his team chose him knowing that he's a very raw player with tremendous athletic abilities. At Minott's height and 205 pound frame, his 38.5 inch max vertical makes him the ideal athlete to construct into an NBA caliber player. His glaring potential allowed for him to be drafted, but his time in college still wasn't as great as he had hoped. In his single college year, he played under 15 minutes a game and only averaged 6.6 points. He believed that his game had much more to offer, but he wouldn't be fulfilling that journey in Memphis. Since coming to Minnesota he has shown an enthusiasm to play to the best of his abilities, and compete each night. Currently, there are three roster spots available, so Minott could make a push to take up one of those spots. Other wise, I think Minott would benefit from playing with the Iowa Wolves and potentially being on a two-way contract. I have thoroughly enjoyed overreacting to Josh Minott's Summer League games, and I'm excited to see what's next for him.