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How Far Does Timberwolves Minority Owner Marc Lore Think His Team Can Go?

Wolves minority owner Marc Lore joins Dane to discuss.

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Tim Connelly Minnesota Timberwolves Predident of Basketball Operations Portraits Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

On today’s show, Dane is joined by Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx minority owner Marc Lore. Dane and Marc recap a wild last six weeks for the organization — from the hiring Tim Connelly away from the Denver Nuggets to the Rudy Gobert trade with the Utah Jazz, and the pair make sure not to brush over the Karl-Anthony Towns supermax extension that will keep Towns in Minnesota through 2026-27 with a player option for 2027-28.

Marc also recaps a whirlwind of a first season as an owner, looks forward to Year 2, and explains the process of continuing to develop the culture he envisions in Minnesota.

Today’s topics include:

— Everything that went into hiring Tim Connelly as President of Basketball Operations

— Empowering the people you hire to do their jobs to the best of their abilities

— The process of developing a culture in Minnesota and everything that goes into it

— The logic behind the Rudy Gobert trade and Marc’s interest in data driven decision-making

— How high of a ceiling does the Gobert trade give the Wolves? Does Marc think the Wolves can win a title with the roster as currently constructed?

— Is there any reason to believe that Lore approaching the Wolves like he has his other business ventures will not work? What values go into success across businesses?

— How will stability help the team long-term? How close is Lore to accomplishing everything he and Alex Rodriguez set out to do by the time they take over in December of 2023?

— How does a new arena fit into Lore’s and A-Rod’s long-term plan in Minnesota?

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