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How Will Rudy Gobert Revolutionize the Wolves?

Britt Robson joins the Dane Moore NBA Podcast to break it down.

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Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz

On today’s show, Dane is joined by Britt Robson of MinnPost to discuss Friday’s blockbuster Rudy Gobert trade, and to hit on the news of the Kyle Anderson signing.

Dane and Britt get into the magnitude of the Gobert deal, highlighting the great upside this all-in move creates and also acknowledging the serious risk of the move given the load of outgoing assets to Utah.

Many topics are breached from Gobert’s fit next to Karl-Anthony Towns, down to how Gobert might have the most profoundly positive impact on D’Angelo Russell of all people.

— How will KAT and Gobert fit alongside one another on both ends of the floor

— How will the Wolves’ infrastructure benefit Gobert more than Utah’s did?

— Will Chris Finch need to spend more time figuring out the offense or the defense during training camp?

— Who will determine how successful the Timberwolves’ offense will be next season bringing Gobert into the fold?

— Projecting how the Wolves will rank on offense and defense next season

— What is a realistic expectation for total wins next season?

— Attempting to quantify the value of what Minnesota gave up to acquire Gobert

— How this move is the latest example of how the Wolves are operating in a very different manner under new minority owner Marc Lore than they have under majority owner Glen Taylor

— How will Anderson fit into the front-court rotation next to Towns and Gobert?

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Join the conversation down below in the comments!

— What are your thoughts on the Gobert trade?

— How do you think Gobert fits in Minnesota alongside KAT and Ant?