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What Should We Make of the Wolves’ Offseason?

On the latest episode of the Dane Moore NBA podcast to answer listener questions about the Minnesota Timberwolves’ offseason.

Minnesota Timberwolves Introduce Rudy Gobert Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

On the latest episode of the Dane Moore NBA Podcast, Dane looks back on the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 2022 offseason thus far by taking listener questions that cover a wide variety of pressing Wolves topics.

They include:

— Starting point guard D’Angelo Russell and his perception in the national NBA media at-large versus his actual impact on the team. Is the difference between the two fair or unfair?

— What does it mean to keep the “D-Lo salary slot” and why is doing so a potentially pivotal move going forward?

— How will the NBA’s new television deal will impact the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement and the salary cap, and specifically how that cash infusion will impact the perception of the supermax contracts of Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert, along with the impending rookie scale contract extensions coming for rising stars Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels?

— How much will the Wolves style of play evolve to looking something like the Jazz’s style of play? Who does that potential change help and who might it hurt?

— Which teams present the most favorable playoff matchups for the Wolves next season?

— What player traded away in the Gobert deal would fit best on this current Wolves roster?

(If you can’t access the Spotify player above, click here to listen to the latest episode on Spotify).

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Join the conversation below in the comments!

  • Would you be willing to offer Russell a contract extension? If so, what would your ideal fair market value contract look like?
  • Who do you want to see the Wolves match up with in next season’s playoffs?
  • Which player sent away in the Gobert trade will you (and the Timberwolves) miss the most in 2022-23?