"Lock and Load"

Your honor,

I plead guilty to the crime of clickbait., For this crime - which has brought my papa even more shame than when I played Chaim in Fiddler - I hereby agree to pay a hefty fine and serve x hours of community service.... oh, but NOT as Garrison Keillor's PA again pretty please! You can feel his eyes on you all the time and it burns.

'How will the Wolves do against the Lakers"

"How will the Wolves do against the Warriors"

Hmmmm. I'd like to report a missing lead! Oh, I see, it's buried!

While we talk about Karl and Krew vs. the rest of the west, I feel like I'm on the hot seat and telling Regis "final answer." D'Lo, ANT, Slomo, KAT and Rudy! Uhm.... er..... swap out Kyle for Jaden! Yeah.... well.... that's it? So "you're telling me" that Golden State has Steph, Klay and Draymond but they might play Poole and Moody or maybe they'll put Looney and Kuminga or Wiseman in as they please. Oh, shoot, Maple Jordan! Aww geez, this just in, they now have Donte DiVincenzo too?! Maybe this is all Greek to you, my apollo-gies, the take is this: I'm afraid we're just too con-crete!

The Rudy trade -pardon my French - has me hankerin' for a little aperitif au name that tune! Remember this one:

And just like fashion, it's a passion for the with it and hip

If you got the goods they'll come and buy it just to stay in the clique

Yes indeed, it's that classic cut from "Fush Yu Mang," Walkin' on the Sun! Humming it now and thinking what was in his head when he made like a Finch and flew too far -- Minny sure does fit the category. When discussing the Lakers, it's important to remember that their big three has a usage not equaled by any other team in the NBA save the Wolves! In other words, success (sustained) may have you in the clouds one day and in Hades the next, because "the Devil's in the details" haha. It took an Andre Drummond injury to find out Christian Wood was (doin' my Larry D) pretty, pretty good. Don't lock me in a padded room now, but it's possible that Troy Brown is a stud too and it would just take an injury to AD for us to find out.

Alas, the Wolves gave up any uncut gems under their crust. Pedigree like Vando? Gone. Solid wing like Malik? Out the door. Incredible role player waiting for his time to shine like Kessler? Nah. Do not adjust your television set. We control the roster! We refuse to use draft picks in a common sense manner! And gosh darn it if you want Jaden McD in a trade, well... three more firsts because we're just so stinkin' mad! Sad thing is, this ain't the Outer Limits!

Since that fateful day of the trade, we've heard the chorus over and over again: KAT will move to PF unless we want to go small, I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to.... sry lol. But "for serious" which team can't play two bigs that deserve NBA minutes -- or go small? The difference is that this year, we're on fastest finger and only the Wolves locked in their answer after half of the multiple choice answers were visible. Woe is me! Why-a-you do this to-a me?!

Carry on, and talk b-ball like always, but you "ain't" fooling this 14 year old high school attendee! These teams can twist and turn, trade and swap and tumble until Pluto is a planet again. They can change with the times, go electric, find out eggs are pretty darn healthy and vampires probably are real. And the T-Wolves? Well, I guess it's like coach Green would say: "they were who we thought they were!" sorry not sorry lol. Wolves this year: make playoffs or somebody gets hurt. I mean, maybe we can trade some of them protestors, but I think they're all glued to the BP World HQ right now haha