Critters With The Skitters

As the kids say: "EY!!"

Yall finally got a great plan for the franchise!

So what kind of critter is a Bert? A good solid Bert is a peculiar thing. He looks and sounds rather goofy, and can be sharply abrasive to anyone around when things aren't going his way. However, he is mostly a warm- hearted fellow who tries to use his talents as best he can for his people and his people reluctantly treasure him too despite his rough edges.

So what kind of critter is a KAT? A good solid KAT is the hub of the scene. He radiates skill and blessing and feels like the world is his mirror. When he is wronged, he milks it for the world to see. He needs people to know what is going on with him, his persona is important to his self. Either you fawn over this showy critter, or feel some degree of contempt for his pompous ways. An example of another well- known such critter is Ye.

So what kind of critter is an Ant? A good solid Ant is sharp and keen. Energetic and alert. He will surprise with his abilities and determination, though his inspirational reputation precede him, and help others with his savvy and good communication.