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Timberwolves Release “Statement” Uniforms for 2022-23 Season

Minnesota has released a new set of uniforms to replace the highlighter green jerseys

We’ve known that the Wolves were going to have a new set of uniforms or two for a while now, and today they released one new set.

At first glance from the video, I thought they were pretty boring, but as the team released still photographs of what these actually look like on the players, I became more of a fan.

Look, I’m not going to pretend to have an eye for fashion, but I actually think these are pretty good? They’re not perfect, but they’re pretty good, I think. If nothing else, at least we have rid ourselves of the horrid highlighter green jerseys.

Seriously though, I think these turned out well. They’re not a slam dunk, in part because I do think that teams have made a mistake by diving headfirst into playing it safe, but I think these will look great on the floor. The aurora green looks much better as a secondary color/accent than it does as a main color. They are a better version of the North Star jerseys the Wolves used a few years ago, in my opinion. It’s a clean look, albeit not remarkably original.

Most of the complaints I’ve seen is that the Wolves didn’t bring the trees back with these. Let me say that I like the trees. They are maybe the best jerseys in the team’s history. Can we relax with them, though? It’s possible to have other good uniforms without just recycling old uniforms. My biggest complaint with new jerseys lately has been the lack of originality shown, and that extends to classic uniforms. We don’t have to bring every classic back all at once!

Anyways, I think these fall somewhere between good and really good, but not quite great. They’ll look clean on the floor, and they replaced what was, in my opinion, the team’s worst set of uniforms. Now, we wait for the highly anticipated City edition jerseys!