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Canis Pulsus Vol. 28 - 2023-24 NBA Season Predictions Results

The Wolves fanbase have gathered for their fourth season of preseason thoughts. The results may be shocking, or completely predictable.

With 73 votes tabulated and preseason less than a week away, it’s time for the collective voice of Minnesota Timberwolves fans to hit the internet. The most tortured smartest fanbase in the league has spoken!

What are we expecting to see in the 2023-2024 NBA season?

(Note: Voting opened just before the Lillard trade and ended the day after)

What record to you think the Timberwolves will finish the season with?

50-32 wins

Last prediction: 52-30
Last season record: 42-40

DraftKings Sportsbook has the Timberwolves season win total line at 44.5 and just like last year, most voters smashed the over on that with their prediction again. Surprisingly, this season’s prediction was more modest than last season. Maybe we realized just how fragile calf muscles things can be.

Full voting results:

Where will the Wolves finish in the regular season?

3rd seed / 5th seed (24% each)

Last prediction: 4th seed (81%)
Last season record: 8th seed

Wolves fans got a nice little serving of humble pie last year after predicting a 4th seed finish. Did that deter them from making the same mistake? Not at all.

Full voting results:

The MVP of the Timberwolves will be...

DENVER NUGGETS VS MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES, NBA PLAYOFFS Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Anthony Edwards (88%)

Last season: Karl-Anthony Towns - 57%

The agenda is clear to Wolves fans, NBA fans, and everyone around the world. Ant is the present and future of the Timberwolves and NBA. No surprise here with this result.

Full voting results:

The best defender on the Timberwolves will be...

Jaden McDaniels (75%)

Last season: Rudy Gobert - 94%

By the time you’re reading his, Jaden McDaniels has hopefully secured his life-time contract extension with Minnesota. If not, we can at least collectively acknowledge him as the most important defensive player on the Timberwolves moving forward. He was fourth on the team in Defensive Win Shares (2.4), but if he’s able to stay on the court more, I expect that number to skyrocket.

Full voting results:

The best bench player for the Timberwolves will be...

Naz Reid (41%)

Last season: Kyle Anderson - 61%

Naz and Slow Mo combine to be one of the most formidable bench duos in the entire NBA. Their diverse skillsets and adaptability really helped the Wolves stay afloat, especially throughout the various injuries they dealt with. Toss in NAW and Shake, it’s now easy to see why the Wolves are Back.

Full voting results:

The best locker room guy on the Timberwolves will be...

2023 Play-In Tournament - Oklahoma City Thunder v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Mike Conley (64%)

Last season: Taurean Prince - 44%

Minnesota Mike has been an absolute breath of fresh air every since he took over the starting point guard reins from D’Lo. His steady play is only part of his allure, as his professionalism and positive locker room presence has gone a long way. He is the only guy to have won four NBA Sportsmanship Awards.

Full voting results:

The player on the Timberwolves who will impress the most is...

Anthony Edwards (63%)

Last season: Anthony Edwards - 62%

Ant was the prediction last year and I’d have to say the voters got it right. Is he going to repeat as the most impressive player again? If he does, then he would surely be in the end-of-the-year All-NBA Team discussions and walking to his seat at the MVP table discussion.

Full voting results:

Now that season is about to begin, my feelings on the direction of the Timberwolves are...

Very optimistic (45%)

Last season: Very optimistic (83%)

The season usually begins with optimism at a high. It’s hard to be pessimistic as long as your team isn’t actively imploding or feuding with one another. More on that later.

Full voting results:

My hottest Timberwolves season take/prediction is...

Lots of predictions about postseason success and Jaden McDaniels making a big jump. Though I appreciate those, I wouldn’t classify them as hot. Spicier ones may be some of these:

3) NAW will get in the starting rotation.
2) We sweep Denver, Philly, Boston and Milwaukee and get swept by Orlando, Detroit and Portland’s G-League team.
1) Ant Jr will be featured in no less than three commercials by the end of the season.

Link to full results

The Most Valuable Player will be...

Nikola Jokić (51%)

Last prediction: Giannis Antetokounmpo - 32%
Last winner: Joel Embiid

After getting snubbed for his third straight MVP award, the Joker commanded more than half the total votes in this edition of Canis Pulsus. It may be a simple matter of how much does Jokić (or the Nuggets) want to prioritize this award, as they have nothing left to prove. Ant and KAT also received a couple votes here as well.

Full voting results:

The Defensive Player of the Year will be...

New Orleans Pelicans v Minnesota Timberwolves

Jaden McDaniels (35%)

Last prediction: Rudy Gobert- 75%
Last winner: Jaren Jackson Jr.

Things are really lining up for this season to be the season of Slim. The Timberwolves still have yet to bring home a Defensive Player of the Year award and perhaps Jaden is destined to end the drought.

Full voting results:

The Rookie of the Year will be...

Victor Wembanyama (42%)

Last prediction: Paolo Banchero - 65%
Last winner: Paolo Banchero

A beautiful split between Wemby, Scoot, and Chet here with a nod to Amen. This rookie class will likely be the most impressive one since the 2018. Whether it’s “The most hyped prospect since LeBron James,” Chet operating with a Ben Simmons-type “rookie” campaign, or the dawn of the Scoot era, I’m going to be excited to see the new blood perform.

Full voting results:

The Sixth Man of the Year will be...

Minnesota Timberwolves Naz Reid Classic Jersey Shoot Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Naz Reid (28%)

Last prediction: Jaylen Nowell- 20%
Last winner: Malcolm Brogdon

Wolves fans have done it again. After voting for Jarrett Culver (2021), Malik Beasley (2022), and Jaylen Nowell (2023) in the last three years of Canis Pulsus “Sixth Man of the Year” predictions, Naz joins those ranks. Hopefully his career doesn’t follow the same path the prior three did though.

Full voting results:

The Most Improved Player of the Year will be...

Jaden McDaniels (24%)

Last prediction: Anthony Edwards - 51%
Last winner: Lauri Markkanen

DPOY and MIP in the same season? I don’t believe this has ever been accomplished in NBA history, but if it does, go ahead and pop the champagne. Don’t call us homers. Call us champs!

Full voting results:

The Coach of the Year will be...

Chris Finch (45%)

Last prediction: Chris Finch - 78%
Last winner: Mike Brown

Finchy commanded 78% of the votes here last year, but still came in with as the majority vote once again. Things should be on his side as the Wolves had a relatively disappointing season, allowing more room for surprise this time around.

Full voting results:

The 2023-2024 Eastern Conference winners will be...

Boston Celtics (59%)

Last prediction: Milwaukee Bucks - 51%
Last winner: Miami HEAT

The Celtics fell apart against the HEAT in the conference finals just 4 months ago. They were one Jayson Tatum sprained ankle away from making their second straight finals appearance. This season, they lost their emotional leader in Marcus Smart and brought in oft-injured Kristaps Porzingis, so things could be different one way or another. I was surprised I didn’t see more “Freak Time” votes for Milwaukee here.

Full voting results:

The 2023-2024 Western Conference winners will be...

Denver Nuggets (52%)

Last prediction: Los Angeles Clippers - 31%
Last winner: Denver Nuggets

The West continues to be as competitive as ever. This year, not only do you have the defending champs who looked invincible during their postseason run, but the Suns continued to stack All-NBA players to their team. The Lakers had one of their best off-seasons in many years. Even the Warriors have an interesting retool with Chris Paul in the fold. Then again, there’s the Wolves.

Full voting results:

The 2023-2024 NBA Champions winners will be...

Denver Nuggets Miami Heat Game 5 NBA Finals Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Denver Nuggets (29%)

Last prediction: Milwaukee Bucks / Minnesota Timberwolves - 25% each
Last winner: Denver Nuggets

To be the champs, you gotta beat the champs. Voters are convinced that the Nuggets are still the cream of the crop. We’ll find out if they are just a blip in history, or if they’re the next great NBA dynasty.

Full voting results:

The NBA’s next team turmoil will be...

Philadelphia 76ers (37%)

Last prediction: Brooklyn Nets - 29%

With the Dame drama officially over, that leaves James Harden as the remaining star who’s been public about his unhappiness. Philly has been flirting with danger for years now and it feels like it’s just a matter of time before the powder keg finally explodes.

Full voting results:

The NBA’s next team turnaround will be...

Oklahoma City Thunder (34% each)

Last prediction: Minnesota Timberwolves / New Orleans Pelicans - 20% each

The Thunder appear to be everyone’s darling heading into this season. With SGA ascending into superstardom on both the NBA and global scales, they have a bevy of other young talent that appears on the brink of breaking out as well.

Full voting results:

My hottest NBA season take/prediction is...

USA v Jordan: Group C - FIBA Basketball World Cup Photo by Ariana Saigh/Getty Images

Last year, someone guessed the Sacramento Kings would earn the 6th seed. They finished 3rd. So when I say we’re the smartest fanbase in the league, I mean it! Here’s some absolute heaters for you to enjoy as well.

3) Taylor Swift will start dating Luka Garza.
2) Finch will challenge Silver to arm wrestling for reffing equality.
1) After this season Anthony Edwards will change his number to 23 and then naturally go bald and grow a mustache.

Link to full results

Who’s ready to see these predictions come to life? With a number of Canis Hoopus members earning hundreds of Hoopus Pointz after correct predictions a year ago, we will be in contact with you as the Wolves begin their quest for title number one.