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The Athletic’s Ben Pickman Talks Lynx Offseason, WNBA Finals, and Expansion

The Hitting the Hardwood podcast is a weekly Minnesota Lynx-dedicated podcast hosted by our own Mitchell Hansen. This week, Hansen is joined by Ben Pickman, a women’s basketball writer for The Athletic.

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The Hitting the Hardwood Podcast is a weekly Minnesota Lynx-dedicated podcast hosted by our own Mitchell Hansen. Hitting the Hardwood will provide Lynx, WNBA and basketball fans with exclusive news, interviews and information on the Lynx and the WNBA while providing dedicated and quality basketball coverage throughout the year.

Each week, Mitchell Hansen will sit down with fellow reporters, writers and journalists, people throughout the WNBA landscape, Lynx players and coaches, and more while discussing all things Lynx.

On this week’s podcast of Hitting the Hardwood, Mitchell Hansen is joined by Ben Pickman, a women’s basketball writer for The Athletic and co-host of The Athletic Women’s Basketball Show podcast.

Pickman can be found on X at @benpickman and you can find all his written work at The Athletic.

Some of the topics on this week’s podcast include:

— Looking back at the WNBA Finals and what we saw during the battle for a championship between the Las Vegas Aces

— The atmosphere in both Las Vegas and New York from the perspective of Pickman, who attended each game of the WNBA Finals

— If the Aces and Liberty could both run it back in 2024 and take part in a rematch of this year’s Finals

— Expansion in the WNBA and what Pickman’s thoughts are on the recent announcements of the league growing in 2025

— What other locations would make for good destinations to join the Bay Area and Portland as future expansion locations

— What the next steps are for the league and if they should prioritize roster expansion, travel, pay of players or all of the above following the news of expansion

— Looking at the season the Minnesota Lynx had in 2023 and what we saw from the team as they returned to the postseason

— What Minnesota should prioritize this offseason and areas of need on the roster

— What the expectations should be for the Lynx in 2024 and if they will improve, have a similar year to what we saw in 2023 or take a step back next summer.

— Much more!

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