Opponent offensive rebounding through the 1st 10 games

I wanted to track where the offensive rebounds were collected. In past years, I thought it was due to the ball bouncing long but I could not locate a free site that showed a heat map of where the rebounds were gathered. If anyone knows what free site already does that, please let me know in the comments below. So I collected my own data on the subject.

All the data for rebounding has been collected from personal review of video from box scores. If a video clip shows conclusive evidence that it was not an offensive rebound, it will not be counted. So my numbers will be different from box scores for opponent offensive rebounding. I find that at least 1 per game is incorrect on video review.

I have broken up the court into 6 zones, 4 below the free throw line and 2 above it.

10 games data

pie chart

10 games

(I can't figure out how to embed the image vs just creating a link.)

The spot where the wolves have given up the most offensive rebounds is in the low post area. The majority of defensive rebounds are collected in the area. So it bears out that it would be the best place for the opponent to collect a rebound. The team is averaging about 6 rebounds per game in the low post area.

The high post and base line right hand side show the same totals over the 10 game period at 13 apiece or 1.3 a game.

The baseline left and above the free throw line have the least amount of rebounds collected by the opponent team. They average less than 1 per game so far. It's nice to see considering Coach Finch was stating last year that the team was worst in the league for collecting long rebounds.

Per, as of today, the Wolves are in 6th place for defensive rebounding at 77.2%.

I look forward to updating this every 10 games or so to see the progression.