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Minnesota Lynx Announce Lynx Changemakers Platform

The Lynx continue to invest in women with the creation of “Lynx Changemakers,” supporting and promoting local women leaders and women’s sports efforts.

WNBA: JUN 16 Commissioner’s Cup - Minnesota Lynx at Los Angeles Sparks Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As one of the national leaders in positively affecting social change, the Minnesota Lynx one again stepped up to the plate.

They announced this exciting new platform which takes aim to support local female leaders which promotes women, women in sports, and efforts to foster gender equity & women’s leadership. Per the full official press release from the organization, Lynx Changemakers is modeled after the WNBA’s Changemakers initiative who have built partnerships with large organizations such as AT&T, Deloitte, and Nike. Unsurprisingly, Target will be the first partner with Lynx Changemakers and will aim to provide an opportunity for direct financial support of local Minnesota organizations such as Girls Take Action™.

Another part of Lynx Changemakers will be the hosting of an annual summit in Minneapolis where high-level executives, employee resource groups, and athletes will have the opportunity to congregate, network, and find opportunities to collaborate together. Those involved in the employee networks will also have the opportunity to attend the Lynx Changemakers Summit virtually.

“We are thrilled to launch this remarkable program... As the Lynx most recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, we are reminded that this franchise has served as agents of change since the beginning. We are excited to expand our partnership with Target to ignite meaningful, intentional, and lasting impact across our communities, further empowering young women and the growth of women’s sports.” - Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx CEO Ethan Casson


Minnesota Lynx v Los Angeles Sparks Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images

This is just another timely reminder that professional sports has and can continue to be an opportunity to positively enact and promote diversity and equity in society. It would come as no surprise if Cheryl Reeve was an influential force behind this, as she has always been a leader in promoting issues of DEI. Reeve has been the co-host of The Cheryl Reeve Show podcast since it’s inception in 2018, where she was joined by co-host, Jim Souhan, to discuss women’s sports and national headlines such as social justice issues. Just earlier this year, she recorded her last episode.

As someone who works in this field within the scope of higher education, it brings me so much joy to know that the team I cheer for and cover is one that is willing to engage in these sometimes not-so-easy, but crucial topics. Since I’ve been a part of the Canis Hoopus community, I’ve also relished our comments section as a place where we can have these difficult discussions. Hopefully Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez will utilize the Timberwolves to promote similar efforts as well.