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Headlined by Anthony Edwards, Wolves Make Waves on All-Star Weekend

A year removed from Karl-Anthony Towns’ all-star appearance and three-point crown, Anthony Edwards carried the torch on the NBA side, and Luka Garza did his job at the G League level for the Wolves.

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Similarly to the actual record for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the team went .500 on all-star weekend with a 1-1 mark. More on that later.

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The draft board for the all-star game had a couple parallels to the 2020 NBA Draft board. Well, just one (kind of). Giannis had the first pick out of the reserve pool and tabbed Damian Lillard as his pick, with LeBron following up with his first pick being Anthony Edwards. I’ll personally tab it as Ant going first. Besides, that’s pretty high for an injury replacement to go anyway.

wink wink.

The new format of the draft beforehand was largely awesome. I thought it dragged on a little bit too long, with things not tipping off until almost an hour and a half after the scheduled tip, but I personally thought it was a great spin to keep things fresh.

Nonetheless, Klutch-affiliated, attempted tampering or not, it’s cool to see someone you watch and pull for every night recognized favorably on the national stage by one of the greatest players to ever play the game. With the outfit Ant had rolling into the game anyway, you knew something was bound to happen. You just didn’t really know what.

Another interesting note; Michael Malone was the head man for Team LeBron, and for the second time in their respective careers, Edwards and Ryan Saunders shared the same bench because of it.

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The Game

A downright rarity took place that Wolves fans probably had to double take at.

Anthony Edwards played less than 20 minutes in a basketball game.

The NBA’s leader in minutes played with 2,211 in all 61 games thus far registered just 17 minutes in the back-and-forth three point display.

He got on the board in his initial action in the first quarter, but did most of his work point-wise in the second on three field goals on four attempts.

You get the idea. They were all pretty close to the rim. He finished his night with 12 points on 6-8 from the field, with both of his misses coming from deep.

While Ant didn’t connect on a three ball, Jayson Tatum connected on plenty. He led Team Giannis in its first win over Team LeBron in the game’s history. Entering the evening, Giannis was 0-2 to LeBron.

Tatum put on a show, pouring in 55, which is good for the most points in All-Star game history. He also had a few fun back-and-forths with Jaylen Brown.

The “Giannis 0-2 to LeBron” thing make me step back and think about it a little bit though; there are 3-4 players that are so damn good and popular in the NBA that we’re starting to measure up their records against each other as all-star captains (primarily against LeBron). The fan vote is polarizing, no doubt. But the captain thing is another mechanism to further identify how great some of the players are that we’re currently watching. And man, it was pretty incredible to see some of the shotmaking that went on.

All in all, it was a fun weekend to be a Timberwolves fan. Ant got a chance to put himself out there and give give the Wolves a little bit more airspace in the landscape of the league.

Hopefully one day, that can be furthered and we see him and Karl-Anthony Towns/Jaden McDaniels there together. I couldn’t help but think how simultaneously cool it would be a Sacramento Kings fan, seeing two of your players there in the midst of a breakout year. Maybe that’s not so far off.

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Luka Magic!

While Edwards’ team may not have been able to pull out a win, Luka Garza became the first Luka to win an MVP en route to his win as a captain in the G League’s “Next Up” game.

Garza finished the game with 23 points and 8 boards. He looked like his dominant G-League (and sometimes NBA) self, and had his shot working with a final mark of 56% from the field.

A .500 weekend will soon parlay to an NBA club that’s a loss away from being just that. It will have the Charlotte Hornets waiting for them on Friday in a must-win game to stay afloat in gauntlet of a Western Conference.

The weekend in general was awesome to watch, and a break was much needed for a Timberwolves team that looked downright tired heading into it. But only time will tell on just how effective a few days off will end up being.