**OFFICIAL*** Jaden McDaniels FAN Nickname Contest - Time Sensitive...

Jaden McDaniels needs a nickname, everybody knows it. It's time for the FANS to come up with a good one. We'll submit the winner to Jim Peterson so he can use it during broadcasts and hopefully, we'll hear it out of the mouths of the likes of Kevin Harlan during the playoffs.

Here's how we'll do it. Submit your choice by clicking either of the links below to enter your choice. You can suggest as many nicknames as you want, but don't submit the same one over and over. You'll be asked to identify your "handle" or "moniker" in the form as well. You'll also be able to explain the reasoning behind your choice in the form if you would like to (not required).

I'll close the form for entries on Sunday evening - March 12.

Then on Monday morning, March 13, I'll open the voting form (links below) where I'll put the top 5 submissions in for you to vote on.

The voting form will only let you vote ONE time for your top choice. To lock down the form this way, it will require you to enter you email address.

We'll close that form on Sunday evening - March 19th. Then I'll announce the winning nickname on the morning of March 20th and I'll alert Jim Pete of the contest.

You can help spread the word. Feel free to post the links to any forum that you talk Wolves!!

Let's do this!!