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Lyndsey D’Arcangelo Chats WNBA Offseason, 2023 Storylines, Lynx Expectations and More

The Hitting the Hardwood podcast is a weekly Minnesota Lynx-dedicated podcast hosted by our own Mitchell Hansen. This week, Hansen chats with women’s basketball and WNBA writer Lyndsey D’Arcangelo.

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The Hitting the Hardwood Podcast is a weekly Minnesota Lynx-dedicated podcast hosted by our own Mitchell Hansen. Hitting the Hardwood will provide Lynx, WNBA and basketball fans with exclusive news, interviews and information on the Lynx and the WNBA while providing dedicated and quality basketball coverage throughout the year.

Each week, Mitchell Hansen will sit down with fellow reporters, writers and journalists, people throughout the WNBA landscape, Lynx players and coaches, and more while discussing all things Lynx.

On this week’s episode of Hitting the Hardwood, Mitchell Hansen is joined by Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, who covers women’s basketball and the WNBA for The Athletic and Just Women’s Sports and who is the co-author of Hail Mary: The Rise & Fall of the NWFL.

Find D’Arcangelo on Twitter @darcangel21 and find her work at The Athletic and Just Women’s Sports throughout the year.

Some of the topics on this week’s podcast include:

— Thoughts on the WNBA offseason and what took place on teams throughout the league.

— Looking at the layout of the league and what we could expect when the regular season begins.

— A few things D’Arcangelo is looking forward to or watching as the season tips off.

— New rule changes this offseason and thoughts on how they might be received league-wide.

— Discussion on the exposure of the WNBA and if the league properly marketing itself to maximize exposure like the college game has.

— Thoughts on the Minnesota Lynx offseason and what we could expect from the team in 2023.

— Rapid fire questions including D’Arcangelo’s bold predictions for 2023, title favorites, and favorite memory while covering women’s basketball and the WNBA.

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