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2023 NBA Summer League Game Thread: Wolves vs. Jazz

Minnesota looks to carry a handful of promising individual performances from game one into a “what could have been” game against Utah.

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After game one of 2023 Las Vegas NBA Summer League for the Minnesota Timberwolves, it was hard to ask yourself anything outside of, “Is Leonard Miller the greatest basketball player to ever walk this earth?” and, “If Anthony Edwards is Michael Jordan, Jaden McDaniels is Scottie Pippen, Rudy Gobert is Dennis Rodman, who is left for Josh Minott and Leonard Miller to be?”

On a more regular note, game two is always one of the more interesting ones to see if the rarity of consistency in young players exists. Last year during Summer League, it was the game that showed Wolves fans that Josh Minott might actually be human after his 22-point, 10-rebound debut (he would follow it up with a seven-point game on 2-9 shooting).

Leonard Miller now faces the same challenge with maybe even more hype coming out of game one.

He showed a motor that refuses to quit, perhaps reminding fans of Jarred Vanderbilt, paired with the ability to get to the rim and finish. While the shot was a wide criticism heading in, and it still lacks many mechanics that would yield consistent NBA results, he finished the day 2-4 from deep.

How will Miller find ways to be similarly impactful to his +20 from Friday? That has to be the question heading in.

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Not To Bring It Up Again...

But Minnesota will once again be staring the Gobert trade in the face. Installment one was going up against Walker Kessler and the other role players included in the deal last season, and installment two will come this evening against the Utah Jazz in the form of Keyonte George.

The Baylor product was selected 16th in this years NBA draft, which was the would-be pick of the Wolves, and the first first-round pick used in the trade by the Jazz.

George faces a similar storyline to Miller. He kicked off his NBA career with a 33-point, 10-assist masterpiece.

Who comes back down to earth, neither of them?