Hannah Heiring: Wayzata Stats Nerd, heads stats for Warriors!

Hannah is a Wayzata native, played Division 3 hoops for Dickinson, started doing stats for Macalaster basketball team last year. And now this young woman has one of the great stat jobs in sports!

Pretty cool, and congrats to Hannah. Here's a link to the article

I only found this because I live in Napa, the local paper went bust, a neighboring paper in Sonoma County restarted it as a Wine Country paper, their 1st issue was today, and someone dropped free issue on my front step.

Here's a small quote from the long article. Whole thing is worth a read:

LAS VEGAS — Most NBA data analysts ply their craft far from the basketball court, working more with percentages than pick-and-roll techniques, but Hannah Heiring isn’t the typical number-cruncher.

There she was, on the court this week, running through drills along with the Warriors’ Summer League team in her role on the coaching staff in Las Vegas.

Just two years ago, this would have never seemed possible to the 25-year-old former Division III guard who at that time was working remotely as a business analyst for a small insurance company.

By last summer, Heiring was parading down San Francisco’s Market Street after helping the Warriors win the NBA Finals. Now, after her first full season on the job, Heiring has entrenched herself within the organization and serves as a valuable resource to Steve Kerr and his coaching staff. She can also now say she’s one of only a handful of women to serve as an assistant coach at Summer League.

"It’s still pretty surreal," Heiring said.

Heiring’s current job is a combination of her favorite things: basketball, statistics and storytelling. During the regular season, she’s neck deep in work as she helps track player tendencies and trends that the coaching staff can, in turn, use to develop a game plan.