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Dunks After Dusk: Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey Mount Rushmore

What are the best Timberwolves jerseys of all time? Let’s discuss.

Basketball jerseys have come a long way since the 1900s. They began with long padded shorts and suction-cup shoes. As the sport began to grow, differentiation between teams led to colored dyes on sleeveless shirts, complete with cotton knickers and knee-high socks. Eventually, synthetic material made for performance and the popularity of the sport and its players have led us to a place where the release of a new style of jersey involves your team’s mascot riding around on a jet ski being filmed by a drone.

Jerseys can be deeply nostalgic. Maybe you catch a glimpse of a black Minnesota Timberwolves jersey with Christmas trees on the trim, and you’ll be transported back to the days of watching a certain number twenty-one pounding his chest as part of his pre-game ritual.

Maybe you catch a glimpse of a cream white jersey with yellowish-orange lettering that says “Muskies” and find yourself doubting not only your choices as a fan, but perhaps most of your major life decisions.

Like an old song that comes on the radio or a certain smell, jerseys bring us back to different eras of our lives with memories that go beyond the basketball court.

For this week’s episode of Dunks After Dusk, we unveiled our Mount Rushmore of Timberwolves jerseys with a draft. Alternating picks, we constructed our monuments to Wolves glory. The only rule was that we couldn’t pick the exact same jersey, but different variations were fair game. The results? Well, take a look for yourself.

Pat’s Mount Rushmore of Timberwolves Jerseys

Mitch’s Mount Rushmore of Timberwolves Jerseys


Which Timberwolves Jersey Mount Rushmore is better?

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Vote in the poll above for which of the monuments is the greatest tribute to Timberwolves jerseys across their history. To see why we chose these jerseys, check out the Dunks After Dusk podcast on Apple and Spotify.

  • Notable Episode Timestamps:
  • A catchphrase for a monosyllabic, barely-functional adult (0:45)
  • Anthony Edwards making a leap (5:10)
  • KAT against Spain (15:55)
  • Mount Rushmore Jersey Draft (19:23)