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Dunks After Dusk: A Minnesota Timberwolves Football Draft

If you were creating a football team drafting only Timberwolves players, who are the best players to take and at what posistions?

We’ve reached the quietest part of the ever-shrinking NBA offseason. The end of August will see a handful of Minnesota Timberwolves competing in the FIBA Basketball World Cup, but the rest of the league is in hibernation mode (barring certain star players having their trade requests met).

The desert of the off-season has many of us degenerate Timberwolves fans thirsty for some refreshing content. If you’ve needed that too, check out Dunks After Dusk. This new Timberwolves podcast is all about conversations you could have with fellow Wolves fans while enjoying a late evening happy hour.

In the first episode of the podcast, I and my longtime Wolves-take sparring partner, Mitch Peterson, cross NBA and NFL streams by drafting a Timberwolves player football team. Both of us draft an eight man lineup (plus a coach) to compete against each other. We’ll clarify the football and drafting rules, Mitch will get competitive and both of us will laugh and mock each other’s choices.

Have you ever wondered…

Is Zach LaVine too fast in a matchup with Jimmy Butler?

Is an AK-47 and a trebuchet too much ammunition for one defense?

Does Tom Thibodeau’s defensive basketball acumen translate to football success?

Why wasn’t Anthony Edwards the first overall pick?

Will either of us have a stroke when we have to give each other one whole minute of uninterrupted air time each?

Check out the Dunks After Dusk podcast on Apple and Spotify to find out and please vote in the poll to let us know which team you think would win in a head-to-head matchup.


In a head-to-head matchup, which Timberwolves football team would win on the field?

This poll is closed

  • 71%
    QB: Kevin Love RB: Anthony Edwards WR: Andrew Wiggins OL: Rasho Nesterovic DL: Gorgui Dieng LB: Andrei Kirilenko DB: Jimmy Butler Defensive Wildcard: Jaden McDaniels Coach: Ricky Rubio
    (30 votes)
  • 28%
    QB: Stephon Marbury RB: J.R. Rider WR: Zach Lavine OL: Nikola Peković DL: Kevin Garnett LB: Trenton Hassell DB: Josh Okogie Defensive Wildcard: Jared Vanderbilt Coach: Tom Thibodeau
    (12 votes)
42 votes total Vote Now

Dunks After Dusk is a podcast done by fans for fans! Feel free to join the conversation by commenting below and letting us know your favorite picks, if we missed anyone, and of course, which team you think would win and why.