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Dunks After Dusk: Five Foolproof Ways To Get Your Significant Other to Become a Timberwolves Fan

Is it possible to convince a Timberwolves-curious partner to become a fan of the team?

Do you have a loved one who doesn’t care about the Minnesota Timberwolves? Have you ever tried to convince them to care? Would exploring the tension between a die-hard fan their non-fan partner lead to more problems than solutions?

Well, thus the tale of Pandora’s box begins. A titan named Prometheus steals fire from the gods to afford his creation, humankind, protection. Since fire was made to be only for the gods, Zeus concocts a plan to create Pandora, and following her marriage to Prometheus’ brother, Zeus presents them with a box that he warns should never be opened. Pandora’s curiosity eventually overtakes her and she opens the box, fulfilling Zeus’ plan to release greed, envy, anger, and sickness out into the world. Pandora is able to close the box before everything is released, but more on that in a moment.

This tale has a simple message; perhaps there are some things that are best left untouched - some mysteries that are not meant to be trifled with.

The Dunks After Dusk crew are not afraid to ask the hard questions and peer into the deep mysteries of being human. One of those big mysteries? How to make a marriage between a Timberwolves fan and non-fan work. Using WikiHow as a guiding light in the darkness, we present five foolproof reasons to get your significant other to become a fan of the team. Were we successful? Well, let’s just say that some have called this episode “a conversation that will define the modern relationship for years to come.”

Back to Pandora’s Box. The end of the tale reveals that Pandora closed the box just in time to leave one thing left for humankind: Hope. This hope will forever be a gift or a curse… depending on a certain point of view. Some are left with the hope that one day humankind can overcome the trials released from the box and return to the paradise they were made for. Some are left with the hope that one day the Timberwolves will overcome their sordid history and win an NBA Title. And some of us are left with the hope that one day our significant other will go with us to a Timberwolves game.

Dunks After Dusk can be found on both Apple and Spotify.

Notable Episode Timestamps:

  • Team USA and Anthony Edwards (2:38)
  • KAT Leading the Dominican Republic to a 3-0 Start (5:15)
  • Some Nickiel Alexander-Walker Love (8:08)
  • Convincing Our Special Guest to Become A Wolves Fan (13:04)