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Dunks After Dusk: Our 12 Favorite Minnesota Timberwolves Players

Competing against one another in a draft is one thing, but can we work together to draft a favorites list that we’ll both be proud of?

Do you know what is harder than competing against a friend? Trying to agree with them.

Could you name your twelve favorite Minnesota Timberwolves players of all time? What type of measurement would you use to define “favorite”? Would you focus on passion, stats, winning or talent? Or would it all be about where you were in life when a player really hooked you or got you excited about the game?

We’ve got our own individual favorites, of course. But things get interesting as we try to work together to draft a single team made of both our all-time favorite Wolves.

Shout out to The Screen Drafts for honing this draft style which we altered slightly for our episode. Here’s the way the draft works: Mitch and I are co-GMs drafting our “Twelve Favorite Timberwolves” list. We made our lists alone and had no knowledge of which players each other preferred all the way up to, and through the draft. Then we had to work together to draft the official Dunks After Dusk favorite player list while attempting to remain friends and being judicious about what players we’d allow, and which players we’d try to get off the list.

Use of a veto, admissions of bravery, rumors of connections with drug lords, concessions of personal favorites, and a title that you’ll have to pry from Mitch’s cold dead hands. The episode was a rollercoaster ride, but in the end, here’s how the list shook out:

  1. Anthony Edwards
  2. Kevin Garnett
  3. Ricky Rubio
  4. Zach LaVine
  5. Kevin Love
  6. Patrick Beverley
  7. Josh Okogie
  8. Naz Reid
  9. Nikola Peković
  10. Shabazz Muhammad
  11. Rashad McCants
  12. Robert Covington

To figure out how we got there, check out the Dunks After Dusk podcast on Apple and Spotify. Let us know you’d rate the draft, how your lists may be different, and any key players that we may have forgotten.