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adidas Unveils Timberwolves Guard Anthony Edwards’ Signature Logo & AE1 Shoe

Fresh off an inspiring FIBA World Cup campaign, Anthony Edwards continues “The Summer of Ant” by debuting his signature logo and shoe in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Believe That.

Minnesota Timberwolves Twitter

Minnesota Timberwolves fans should be plenty satisfied during this offseason.

Anthony Edwards signed his five-year, $217 million maximum extension, then President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly’s solid enough free agency haul, followed by a FIBA World Cup littered with Wolves players, we now get a week of more exciting brand announcements. adidas officially revealed Anthony Edwards’ signature logo and debut shoe, the AE1.

Let’s take a deeper look at it all.

The Logo

Earlier on Saturday morning, adidas dropped a brief 11-second trailer of a peach/salmon-colored Lamborghini with both their three-stripe logo and a new A-shaped logo on the hood, cruising down the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Media outlets interpreted Ant’s brand new logo in different ways.

“Edwards’ triangle-shaped logo checks all the boxes. It is easy to infer his initials “A” and “E” at first glance. Plus, his nickname “Ant” inspired the ant hill design.”
Pat Benson via

“The AE 1 logo is designed with an “A” silhouette and carved out in a set of forward and backwards “Es”, potentially alluding to the player’s versatility on both sides of the court. As an alum of the University of Georgia and being born in the A, it’s only right that the logo makes its debut in that signature Georgia peach hue.”
Luis Torres via

As more information comes out, Wolves fans can surely appreciate the “pine tree” look, similar to our beloved “trees” jersey. Ant shared on social media that he secretly premiered the logo at his second annual basketball camp on August 23, 2023.

The Shoe

Leaks of Ant’s first signature shoe with adidas came out earlier in the year. It received mixed reactions from fans and media outlets alike, but as usual, the in-person product looked much better than the previous images.

They certainly went with an intriguing style, featuring a grate-type/honeycomb design on both sides with a large adidas logo on the heel. I’m curious to see what performance reviews of the shoe will reveal, as they look a bit on the heavy side. Regardless, I’m excited to see Timberwolves-themed colorways because as usual, Ant will make them look exceptionally cool.

adidas has used “Believe That” as the tagline for their campaign for Edwards. If Ant has taught us anything, it’s that we should indeed believe in anything he’s a part of.

Among all the announcements, perhaps the most exciting for Ant was a surprise declaration and dedication to him by the city he was born and raised in.

How will you all celebrate the first Anthony Edwards Day next year? Dominating a basketball game? Singing in your car? Playing with your dog?

Let us know in the comments section below.