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Timberwolves Analysis

The Canis crew's analysis of our favorite NBA team.

A Week About the Wolves: Panic Levels, Popeyes and Prince

Popeyes, Prince, and pounding the glass against small ball lineups; recapping the week that was in Wolves land.

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How Rudy Gobert Can Improve the Timberwolves’ Offense Without Changing Their Style

The three-time All-Star isn’t an offensive threat on the block like Karl-Anthony Towns is, but that doesn’t mean he can’t bend defenses with his gravity.

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Wolves Weekly: Week 2 Recap

The Timberwolves continue to struggle in the third quarter and have a serious issue with how they are approaching games.

Is it Time to Worry About the Timberwolves’ Third Quarter Performance?

Among some areas of concern that have become present for the Wolves early in the 2022-23 season has been their performance in the third quarter, a trend that needs to be corrected in order for Minnesota to become a serious contender.

Here Comes Jaylen Nowell

Through four games, the former Washington Huskies standout has flashed offensive brilliance yet again.

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Film Session: Talking Timberwolves Turnovers

The team needs to watch their turnovers on a loop and realize how much they’re bleeding into other issues.

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Wolves Weekly: Week 1 Recap

The Minnesota Timberwolves Need to Extend D’Angelo Russell

Russell has been (at times) labeled as overpaid and underwhelming in his time in Minnesota, but that shouldn’t stop the Wolves from extending his tenure with the team.

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What Does an “A Grade” Season Look Like For the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Bench?

Part two of the "A Grade" Series diving into bench players and their roles in the upcoming season

Game Preview #2: Wolves vs Jazz

The Minnesota Timberwolves welcome some friendly faces back to Target Center as they play host to the Utah Jazz

Timberwolves Can Finish Atop the West Despite Early Concerns

Jack Borman joins Cooper Carlson to discuss the Wolves early schedule and season expectations

Will Naz Reid Find Success Alongside Rudy Gobert?

Everyone’s been asking how Gobert will fit with Karl-Anthony Towns, but it’s also worth wondering if the Wolves’ backup big can slide next to their offseason acquisition.

The 7th Annual 100% Accurate Canis Hoopus Opening Night Predictions

The Wolves enter the world of high expectations for the first time in a long time Monday evening when they open the 2022-23 season. How does it pan out? The Canis Hoopus staff discusses.

Will Taurean Prince Maintain His Efficiency in a Low-Usage Role?

Prince had a bounce-back season as a role player for the Wolves last season, and his ability to stay effective in limited opportunities will be huge for Minnesota in 2022-23.

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What Does an ‘A Grade’ Season Look Like for the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Is it possible to create a system to accurately grade the Minnesota Timberwolves?

By the Numbers: What Stood Out in Timberwolves Preseason?

With the preseason now over for the Minnesota Timberwolves, here are a few numbers and statistics that stood out for the team in the five-game slate.

Can Jordan McLaughlin Add Off-Dribble Scoring to His Arsenal in 2022-23?

McLaughlin is savvy, but becoming a threat to launch at any time could be the key to earning a consistent role with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Where the Minnesota Timberwolves Rank Among All 30 NBA Teams Heading into 2022-23

While many are high on the Wolves entering this season, do we know for sure if they have improved drastically relative to counterparts getting healthier?

Who Should Play in the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Starting and Bench Units?

An Early Projection of the Minnesota Timberwolves Rotation

Despite a 3-0 start to the preseason, there are still plenty of questions as to what the Minnesota Timberwolves’ primary opening night rotation will be.

With Improved Play, Naz Reid is Affording the Timberwolves Time

Naz Reid’s improvement should give Minnesota time to bring the Karl-Anthony Towns - Rudy Gobert pairing along slowly

What are the best and worst case scenarios for the Minnesota Timberwolves this season?

It was an offseason of change for the Timberwolves, but the expectation remains the same: make a run in the NBA Playoffs.

What Can We Learn About the Timberwolves’ Back-Court Rotation from Preseason?

Despite it being preseason, there are a few crumbs for us to collect regarding Chris Finch’s plan for the back-court.

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How Karl-Anthony Towns Can Further Expand His Offensive Versatility

Towns is coming off arguably his best year as a pro, but has a unique opportunity to grow his game alongside Rudy Gobert.

Stock Market: Which Timberwolves are Rising and Falling in Preseason?

Anthony Edwards’ third-year leap appears imminent, while the questions remain in the front-court.

NBA: Can Jaylen Nowell Make Wolves’ Primary Bench Scorer Role His Own?

Nowell has hinted at real upside in limited minutes thus far in his career. Can he take on the responsibility of being Minnesota’s spark plug reserve?

Key Mistakes to Learn From Last Year’s Playoff Loss to the Grizzlies

The Wolves were inexperienced last season, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn from and correct their youthful mistakes.

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It’s an Emotional Business: Patrick Beverley’s Legacy in Minnesota

A perfect storm led to the transformation of Timberwolves culture and Patrick Beverley lived at its core. Let’s revisit his impact on this franchise and the importance of emotion in basketball.

Deep Dive: Inside the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Creative Offensive Scheme

Chris Finch’s offensive prowess is a far cry from his predecessors.

What Will a Two Center Lineup Spell for the Wolves This Season?

There’s a long history of two-big lineups that include plenty of successes and failures. With Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns, we’re about to find out where they’ll land.

What Will We Learn About the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Front-Court in Preseason?

In a year with higher expectations than maybe ever before, the Wolves’ five preseason games will be our first taste of what we’re in store for in 2022-23.

Finch, Connelly Have Transformed the Wolves’ Culture Into a Veteran Destination

Chris Finch, Tim Connelly and the Wolves are already reaping the rewards of the impact winning has on culture — and vice versa.